Friday, August 5, 2011

A Huge Difference

Hubby recounted this conversation with the new boss (MIKA!  Stop fishing in the plastic trash bags!), which shows just how different this position from his last one:

Hubby: So, when I'm picking out Scripture to read in the service, do you care which translation I use?

Da Boss: Ummm....  English.

Hubby: I know we have NIV Bibles in the pews, and I've used the NLT myself....

Da Boss: I'd put the NLT right up there with the NIV.  I use The Message in my personal devotions.

Hubby: So I can use The Message?

Da Boss: It's in English, isn't it?

Hubby: Really?

I think Hubby would be fine reading just about any translation/transliteration...except for maybe the Hawai'ian Pidgin version, Da Jesus Book.  Yes, there is such a thing.

Then again, Da Boss seems to be a relatively laid-back guy.  Hubby might be able to get away with Pidgin.

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