Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh, Father.

I managed to trip over my own feet and fall hard in my yard this evening, so I got to spend two hours in the local ER to determine that I didn't break anything, but I severely sprained my formerly-good ankle and bruised my right wrist, just about where I broke it two years ago.

Fun times.

I still have work to do, so I'm still up.  Thankfully, TVLand is here to rescue me with a M*A*S*H marathon.  Bless them.

Airing right now is the 1974 episode "Crisis," in which the camp's supply line is cut and all manner of hilarity ensues as the camp attempts to deal with the various shortages.

As the assigned guys settle down for the night in the Swamp, Father Mulcahey offers this prayer, which still nearly makes me giggle when we do the "serious" version with the kids at bedtime:
Now I lay me down to sleep, a bag of peanuts at my feet.  If I should die before I wake, give them to my brother Jake.

I love this show.

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