Thursday, August 4, 2011

Really? REALLY?

After a couple of weeks of the Fries having an imbalanced approach to meals--two of them would eat great at one meal, the other wouldn't, and it would shuffle at each meal--for the last couple of days, they've all eaten well.

It's shocking.

Last night, I only fixed one box of doctored-up mac and cheese (I added a couple of slices of deli-cut Vermont white sharp cheddar)...and it wasn't enough for the four of us.

So I fixed two boxes today (it was requested for lunch and was easy enough...keep 'em happy and me sane).  We do have leftovers of that, but still, they ate everything I put on their plates.

Tonight, I fixed hot dogs for the Fries and made myself a turkey sandwich.  I gave the kids the ultra-healthy cheese curls to go along with their hot dogs (don't judge me; I'm still wading through post-op exhaustion).  I brought out three cups of milk and we all had a picnic of sorts.  We ate dinner and watched The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

They each wanted more hot dog.

I'd given them almost two whole hot dogs apiece, sans buns.

They wanted more cheese curls.

I gave them a few more.

They each had a relatively big ginger snap cookie.

Still thirsty, they got themselves little water bottles from the fridge.

I nixed a second cookie.

I'm finally getting around to eating my sandwich, and they're done.  With everything.  And they're running around.

Small Fry comes over to me.  "Can I haffa snack?"


"No!  You just ate dinner!  Almost two hot dogs, cheese curls, milk, cookie, can you still be hungry?"

She gave me an impish grin (channeling my sister again).

Two minutes later she was back with a box of iced animal crackers.  "Can I have dese?"

"No!  Go put them away!"  She started to put them on my desk.  "No.  Put them back where you found them."


Note to self.  Need to make at least six hot dogs when you're doing a bunless meal.

The Fries are now snuggling with their 100 Acre Wood friends from Auntie Mille and Uncle J.  Only appropriate to have them with you when watching their movie.

My turn for a cookie.

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