Monday, August 15, 2011


Today's naptime excuses:

  • "But I want you to tuck us in."  (Hubby is off today, and I'm working.  He'll be doing the tucking.)
  • "My dolly is sckawred.  She needs to be wif you.  Medium's dolly is skawred, too."
  • "I have to go potty."  Well, then.  Why are you in my room, which is the opposite direction of the bathroom?  (Medium Fry here.)
  • "Why are you up?" "I hafta go potty."  "Didn't you just go potty before nap?"  "Not poopy."  Sigh.  You can't argue with that.  (Small Fry, who I found on the potty when I went to see what was taking Medium so long.)
Fortunately, Large Fry had the good sense to confess that, no, she didn't really have to go potty, after I caught her out of bed.


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