Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shoot me now.

It's been one of those days.

Small Fry: Is Wobin Hood's hand small?

Me: Yes.  Compared to Little John's.

Small: Is Wittle John's hand big?

Me: Yes.

Small: Why is Wobin's hand small?

Me: Because he's a fox.

Small: Why is he a fox?

Me: Because he is.

Small: Why is Wittle John's hand big?

Me: Because he's a bear.

Small: Why is he a beawr?

Me (about to bash my head against the nearest wall):  Because he is!


Medium Fry: Has Wrapunzel met Yoogeen yet?

Me (staring at the baby Rapunzel): No.


Mother Gothel is singing "Mother Knows Best" in the movie Tangled.

Medium Fry:  Why is she singing?


Flynn Rider: C'mon, Blondie.

Large Fry: Did he call her "Blondie"?

Me (exasperated): YES!


Mother Gothel is racing through the tower house, looking for Rapunzel.

Medium Fry: Did Wrapunzel leave her house?

Me: Yes!

Medium: Why?

Me: Because it's part of the story!

And it's been dumb questions all stinking day.

I'm going to go nuts soon, and it's really a very short trip.

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