Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Spidey Sense Is Tingling

I woke up this morning about 6:30.

I don't know exactly what woke me.

But I do know that two things quickly registered:

One, Small Fry was in bed next to me and half awake.  And I know she's half awake because she's flitting her little hand along my arm.

Two, I am doing a near-perfect Spiderman cling to the bed and headboard.

I almost regret not getting a king-sized bed when we bought a new one back in 2008...but I also realize that it would just give the Fries more room to sprawl.


Small smiles sleepily at me, around the thumb popped in her mouth.

By this time, I'm coherent enough to realize that we have not one but two Fries in bed with us.  And in order, across the bed, we have:

Hubby, who is sleeping on his back.
Medium Fry, who is sleeping on her back.
Small Fry, who is sleeping-ish on her back.
Me...on my side and desperately clinging to less than a foot of mattress real estate.

About then, Pa'ani decided he really needed to join us, full-on Edsel-motor purr and all...aiming right for the twin Fries.  It took some coercion to get him to snuggle down against my legs but below their feet.

And not only that, most of the comforter and sheet have slipped over the edge of the bed on Hubby's side.  Therefore, I was getting chilly, which woke me up the rest of the way with the immediate urge to take a walk down the hall to the bathroom.

This accomplished, I come back to bed...and, of course, Small has sprawled and I have to shove her gently over so that I can actually get back in bed.

Here I make the tactical error of climbing into bed and laying back down on my right side instead of my left, as I was previously.  Small is now on top of the covers, so I can't even tug them over me, and I'm stuck with them coming up over my hip and stopping.

Fortunately, we have a shelf-style headboard, and I'm able to slide a hand under my pillow and along the outside edge of the headboard and hold on.  Small Fry's increasingly active touching and moving closer to me put me closer to the edge of the bed, and I was beginning to feel decidedly...shall we

About the time that I was beginning to think that I couldn't hang on much longer, Hubby's alarm went off.  He hit the snooze.

I grimaced.  Okay, nine more minutes.

When the alarm went off nine minutes later, Small Fry nudged closer, and I yelped, "Help!" to Hubby.  He announced it was time to get up, and the Fries scrambled out of bed, hollering about what clothes they would wear as they tripped down the hall.

That got the kids out of the bed and allowed me to collapse further onto the bed than I had been able to in over an hour.

I'm sure someday I'll miss this, too, but I find myself very pleased by the fact that the Fries are with Gramma and Boppa this weekend so Hubby and I can pack up more of the house in prep for our move, and that means that there won't be any small people joining us in bed.

However, I doubt Gramma and Boppa will be so lucky.... ;)

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