Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Rest App

PeeJay has been preaching a series about biblical life apps.

I must admit, I really liked today's: he spoke on the importance of the sabbath, the importance of rest.  The intrinsic need that we all have for it, the reason God chose to rest on the seventh day of the creation history.  God didn't need a nap...but, by golly, he knew we would.

This made me feel even less guilty about my usual Sunday afternoon nap.

Not that I really feel guilty about it to begin with...but I digress.

Hubby tucked the Fries in as I gimped down the hall and climbed into my own bed.  The damp weather here drove some achiness into my right ankle in particular, and the ibuprofen had long since worn off.  Plus, Medium's nosebleed in the middle of the night had awakened first Hubby and then me, and so I was really looking forward to my nap.  Hubby gave the Fries dire warnings about the consequences if they should choose to NOT be quiet, sleep, and stay in bed.

It's chilly enough that we finally turned the heat on, and the a/c and fan off.  Hubby crawled in next to me, and we both snuggled under the blankets.

The Fries chose to NOT be quiet, sleep, or stay in bed.  Two out of the three, anyway.

I was just getting cozy and getting Koa to leave me alone when I heard what sounded suspiciously like giggling.  I poked Hubby.  "I believe they're not being quiet."

He agreed, threw back the covers, and crept down the hall.

Given the lull between his departure and the wails that announced judgment had COME, I surmised he stood outside the Fries' room and spied, gathering intel.

I was almost startled when I heard him shout over the wails.  "Small Fry, take your panties OFF your head and put them back on your tuchus!"

Then he turned on Large Fry.  "Get that off your head, lay down with your head down at this end of the bed--" the one not closest to Small Fry's bed "--and go to SLEEP!"

Hubby paused in the doorway to our room as he came back to bed, his mouth open, his left hand on his cheek, and his eyes the size of dinnerplates.  "She had her panties on her head," he whispered.  "At first, I didn't realize that's what she had on her head.  Until I lifted up her skirt and realized she didn't have any on down there."

How we didn't dissolve into uncontrollable, give-away laughter is beyond me....

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