Sunday, October 9, 2011

Out to Lunch

With Hubby being on staff at a church, Sundays are our busiest days.  And with our kids being so small...well, let's just say that Sunday mornings are pretty hectic.  And early.  And by the time second service at church lets out, nobody wants to cook.  So we go out.  Sometimes it's fast food snagged on the way home.  Sometimes, we splurge and go to a sit-down place where we're actually waited on.

My mother-in-law has been visiting the last few days, so every time we've gone out--whether it's for food or just to go do something--there's been a bit of a squabble over who gets to sit next to Gramma B, and Hubby and I are chopped liver.

Today, however, both Medium and Large wanted to sit next to me at the GVD restaurant.  Large was so adamant about this that she wanted to move the chair from the end of the table around to the side, and pouted when I refused to let her do that.  I told her that sitting on the end by me was still next to me, and Medium had asked first.  Thankfully, Gramma B sat across from me, so the pouting was soon forgotten.

About halfway through our meal, Medium grabs my attention.  "Mommy, did you pwray for little giwrls?"

Um...I'm trying to not panic.  I'd always thought I'd have boys.  Kinda thought that's what I would have preferred.  But telling a four-year-old that?  She wouldn't understand.

"Did you pwray fowr childwren?" Medium persisted.


I touched her cheek.  "Yes, I prayed for children."

"Did you pwray for a long, long time?"

I'm sure my smile was somewhat bittersweet; I couldn't help but recall the years of trying but failing to conceive.  "Yes, for a long, long time.  And then God gave me you."  I stroked her hair.

Medium smiled happily.  "An' you love us!"

"And I love you," I agreed. So much.

Small Fry piped up, aiming her question at Hubby.  "Did you pwray to take cawre of us?"

"Yep," Hubby said.

"What did you pwray?"

"I asked God to make sure that you had someone to take good care of you.  And then he said, 'Why don't you do it?' So I did."

I love these kinds of conversations.

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  1. I love it. Made me smile... and tear up a little, but I won't admit that -


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