Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Total Cuteness

While I stayed home and slaved over my computer for my job that pays me in dollars (not hugs & kisses & "I love you, Mommy" said spontaneously), Hubby took the Fries out for brunch.  And a trip to K-Mart.  And a stop at the pet store.

I got a text relating this conversation while they were still at Denny's:

(The waitress has refilled Hubby's coffee while he wasn't paying attention...and his coffee is now hotter than it was.)
Hubby: Ouch.
Small Fry: What happened?
Hubby: I took a sip and burned my tongue.
Small Fry: Well, don't do that, Daddy.

Twenty minutes later, I get this:

(The male manager has walked up to their table, to ask how they're doing.  Small Fry sees him.)
Small Fry:  Hi, Denny!

Incidentally, his name isn't Denny...but all three of the girls think that, since he's in charge, he must be the one the restaurant is named after.

Seriously, it's no wonder that the waitresses have fought over whose section Hubby and the Fries will sit in (we're regular enough there, but it's the Fries that are truly memorable).

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