Friday, May 4, 2012

All you crazy, clumsy people...

...the ones who have broken toes by stepping wrong or avoiding Legos or stubbing your toes into impossibly hard know who you are.

Be kind as you welcome another crazy, clumsy idiot into your ranks.

Because I'm pretty sure that's what I've done.

The last time I broke any bones, I eggrolled in with six, none of which were my fault, and all of which were incurred at the same time, forever breaking my no-broken-bones streak.  (Irresponsible teenage drivers.)

This one's all on me, though.

I should not have run into the foot of the couch.

It was very aggressive of me, and I should probably apologize to my sectional sofa, because I do love it so.

Clearly, with my pain level now at a solid five on those nifty 1-10 scale charts (I hate those), this is more than your average stubbing.

Since I know there's not much to do but buddy-tape my poor little toe to its neighbor, I've avoided actually going to the hobble-in clinic and spending the money for the x-ray to tell me what I already know.  Besides, I'd have to drive.

However, if my pain level doesn't change, or continues to increase, I may have to suck it up and go, just to get the good drugs.

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