Monday, May 28, 2012

It's grilled cheese sandwiches. Come on. Eat.

Last night, we drove out to my folks' so that we could spend the night and picnic with them (and my aunt and uncle) today.

While Hubby and Boppa went to pick up the new grill that Mom and Dad had just bought (but couldn't transport in either of their sedans; they needed to borrow our van for that), I fixed dinner for the Fries.  Since they had had PB&J for lunch, I opted for grilled cheese.

"Mommy."  Medium frowned.


"What's dis wred stuff on my san'wich?"

I took a step closer to the table, prepared to tell her that, no, I did not add pepper strips, garlic powder, and oregano to hers like I do to mine (I hadn't made one for me).  Or that there are no red grains in Mom's twelve-grain wheat bread.  And that's when I did a really comical mental double-take.

It wasn't peppers.

It wasn't some weird red grain.

It was blood.

"Open your mouth, honey," I instructed, immediately suspecting what might have happened.  I knew that other wiggly bottom tooth was getting really close to being ready to fall out itself.

Medium instead stuck a finger in her mouth, and shrieked when her fingertip came out bloody.

I told her again to open her mouth, but I had to pull her lower lip down because she kept sucking it over her teeth.  She whimpered as I peered at her gums.  Yup, sure enough, she'd lost that tooth.  Probably in the last bite of her sandwich.

"You lost another tooth!" I exclaimed, a grin on my face.

Medium promptly burst into tears.

Gramma to the rescue!  She came up with a silly song to explain that, oh well, the tooth fairy wouldn't get a tooth this time, but Medium wins; she still gets her tooth money.  And, we assured Medium, she's not the first kid to swallow a lost tooth.  She won't be the last.

"Did you bring her tooth box, Mommy?" my mom asked me.

Oh, yes. I go just everywhere with one of those.  "No!  I didn't think I'd be needing it!"

About then, I noticed our van returning, so I went out to tell Boppa and Daddy that we'd had an exciting event happen while they were gone.

Medium was still unsure, and the blood on her sandwich was freaking her out.  Mom tore off the piece of the sandwich with blood in it, put it in a plastic sandwich baggie, and announced that Medium would put this under her pillow tonight to "prove" to the tooth fairy that she'd lost her tooth.

I learned about this when I came back in the house.

I had to bum four quarters off my dad.

Tonight, I was checking Facebook via my phone on the drive home.  One of my friends had just posted a picture of her little girl, who's about the same age as the twins, who had lost two teeth tonight (the same two that Medium is now missing) after biting into a strawberry.  And they had only recovered one of the two teeth.

I tapped in a comment about how funny it was that her little girl had lost the same two teeth that my little girl was now missing, and that her little girl had also swallowed a tooth, just like Medium, who I was going to have to tell about this.

I turned around.  "Hey, Medium?"

Medium Fry cocked her head so she could see me around the captain's chair in front of her.

"I have a friend whose little girl who lost two teeth tonight after biting into a strawberry!  And guess what--she swallowed one of those teeth, too!  See, it doesn't just happen to you!"

Medium giggled and smacked her forehead with her hand, incredulous.

Then, of course, she wanted to know if my friend's daughter had swallowed the same tooth she did.

I don't know.

It would be hilarious if she did.

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