Friday, May 4, 2012

In the last six hours...

  • Medium Fry woke me up, telling me she felt sick and needed a bowl.  I thought she was just playing the cough up too much, and making herself sick.  She had no fever.
  • Silly me.  It wasn't 5a before her claims of an upset stomach were verified.
  • Her upset stomach proved me wrong six times.
  • By 6a, multiple exits were involved.  Clearly, Medium would not be going to school.
  • Large Fry came in around 7:15a.  I was desperately still trying to get some rest, but Large insisted on keeping both Medium and I awake.  I gave up and turned on the tv, set to the Disney Channel, around 7:30.
  • The, erm, southbound express hit Medium again about ten minutes to 8.  While I was in the master bath dealing with that fallout, I saw Large Fry dancing and holding herself.  When I asked her what was going on, she complained that Medium was taking too long in the potty, and she had to go "really bad."  I reminded her that there were two other potties in this house.
  • When I went down the hall to wake up Small Fry, Large was stepping carefully away from the toilet.  When I went to see what was up, because this looked suspicious, Large explained that she didn't make it to the potty because she'd seen a stinkbug, had to get it, and had flushed it down the toilet...thus making her unable to hold it any longer and so she peed on the floor.  When I confronted the story as the hogwash it was--I had heard no flush, the tank wasn't still filling, and she'd managed to get at least some pee in the toilet--she said no, she hadn't flushed the bug, but she got him anyway.  I cleaned things up and told her to go get dressed.
  • Went to get dressed myself, only to have to run half-dressed back down the hall, and scold Small Fry, who was playing with her closet doors as opposed to, y'know, actually getting dressed.
  • Got breakfast for Small Fry (Large had gotten her own), and packed lunches.  Called Hubby, who was somewhere in deep south Georgia, and on his way home.  Walked Large Fry to school, and then took Small Fry to preschool.
  • Medium and I are now watching VeggieTales' Tales from the Sock Drawer.  Medium seems to be feeling better.
  • I desperately need a nap.

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