Wednesday, May 9, 2012

That's not at all convincing, m'dear.

Large Fry: Mommy, can we have dessert?

Me: What sort of dessert do you want?

Large Fry exits the den, and returns a few minutes later, holding her Belle Pez dispenser and a thing of Pez candy.

Me: Okay, yes, you can have that.

Five minutes later, Large schlumps back into the den.  (In the meantime, I have approved a DumDum lollipop for Medium and a chocolate bunny for Small, who decided she didn't like it when she found out it was a Krackle-type of chocolate bunny, and approved a candy change.  Yes, I ate the bunny.  Candy tax.)

Large: Mommy, I don't like it.  It's too hot!

Me [wishing I could raise just one eyebrow]: Did you eat it all?

Large [mumbling]: Yes.

Me: Then you don't get any more candy.

Large: But it was too hot for my tongue!  I didn't like it!

Me: You ate it all.  You're not getting more candy just because you ate it all and just now decided you don't like it.

Large went and complained to her sisters.  They were about as sympathetic as I was.  *snicker*

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  1. Just like the two year-olds who think that if they cover their eyes, you can't see them! Of course, if I say "I don't like it", then you'll agree with me.


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