Sunday, May 13, 2012


Ever since I last painted my own toenails with Medium Fry watching me closely, she's wanted me to paint her toenails, too.

I had intended to make time for that yesterday, but I went to the salon after Hubby got back from shopping, and the salon was madly busy.  Between that and the "quick" stop at the grocery store, I didn't get home until 6:30, and then we needed to do a blazing fast supper and baths and we just ran out of day.

Since we have to be out of the house by about 7:50 on Sunday mornings, painting toenails was not going to happen before church.

Since it was also Mother's Day, and we had already planned to meet my parents in the town that's equidistant from where we both live for lunch, it wasn't going to happen after church.  And even though Mom and Dad surprised us at our church, we still opted to head up to Lisle so they didn't have to drive all the way back home from the only other Cracker Barrel nearby-ish.

Since we would all need naps after our very late lunch, it wasn't happening when we first got home, even with sixty-second-dry polish and a single coat.

Toes!  Medium's feet, and mine.  Aug. 2011
After nap, and after our subsequent trip to Rita's, I had three little girls lining up to get their toenails and fingernails painted.  I have several colors of fast-drying polish, and I let the girls choose which colors they wanted.

We practiced counting to sixty while we waited for the polish to dry.

Both Medium and Small still suck their thumbs, but we limit it to bedtime and naptime only (as best we can).

Tonight, as Hubby and I tucked them in, he cautioned Medium to keep her thumbs out of her mouth and to not chew off the nail polish.  "It'll make you sick.  Don't eat it."

"But it's tasty!"

Hubby couldn't stop a very loud bark of laughter and left the room before he lost total control of his gigglebox.


  1. How cute! I got the website just fine, not sure what happened before. I'm redoing the link.

    1. Medium then got really upset because Daddy was "laughing" at her, and she was sure he didn't love her anymore. (She was sooooo tired.) I had to have him go back in and give her another hug.


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