Thursday, June 28, 2012


Large Fry has been darn near worn out just about every day this week.

I've been making the twins nap in the afternoons, but not Large Fry.  Yesterday afternoon she got to hang out with Boppa while both Gramma and I were out, and we've dragged her along shopping with us twice.

Come to think of it, we've probably worn out Gramma and Boppa.


By the time I get the kids jammied, pottied, teeth brushed, and night-time-prayered, and then downstairs to bed, Large is drooping like a day-old plucked dandelion.

It's almost comical.

So, tonight, I'm ushering them down the stairs.  The twins are punch-drunk tired and bouncy, and Large is wilting so much that I'm thinking she might not make it into bed before she falls asleep.

I adjusted my normal routine based on that, and followed Large into Dad's office, which has been doubling as her room this week.  She collapsed in Medium's old toddler bed, which Roo had used when Sis, BIL, and the boys were visiting earlier this year.

I pulled up the blanket around her.

Her eyes were already closed and I figured she was about two nanoseconds from being completely out.

I sang anyway.

"♫ Goodnight, goodnight.  I'll tuck you in, goodnight.  I'll kiss your cheek, so you can sleep.  Now close your eyes, goodnight. ♪"

I stroked her hair back, turned off the light, and left to go tuck in the twins, who were bouncing off the walls in the family room because they had infected each other with a serious case of the giggles.

It took five minutes to get them settled and everything set the way it needed to be.  I had just finished the song and was about to evict all monsters, giants, wombats, dragons, and snakes when Large appeared on the landing.


"What, honey?"  I tried unsuccessfully to tuck in Small Fry, who was still giggling over my attempt to kiss her cheek at the appropriate spot in the song.

"You forgot to sing to me."

That made me stand right up and grin.  "No, I didn't, honey.  I think you fell asleep while I was singing."

"Well, I didn't hear you.  Can you sing again?"

"Sure.  Go on back to bed.  I'll be right there."  I looked first at Small, and then over at Medium.  "Monsters, giants, wombats, dragons, and snakes: get out!"

"Fwiendly fings go to Gwamma an' Boppa's," Medium mumbled sleepily around her thumb.

"Go to sleep," I told them, and went in to re-tuck Large.  I pulled up the blanket again as she closed her eyes and smiled, and I kissed her cheek.

♫♪ Goodnight, goodnight, I'll tuck you in, goodnight.  I'll kiss your cheek, so you can sleep.  Now close your eyes, goodnight. ♪♫

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