Friday, June 22, 2012

The Single Mom Experiment Redux

Hubby is out of town again this week on another job-related trip.

This time, he's gone for nine days with a group of fourteen others, on a short-term missions trip to a camp that our church supports financially.  This is an annual trip, so we knew it was coming.

However, unlike his sufferin'-fo'-da-Lawd trip to Daytona Beach earlier, this time school is out.  (And he's actually going to be doing manual labor.  Which is really neither here nor there, but it amuses me.)

This time, I do not have to suffer through his entire time gone by myself.

This time...we've invaded Gramma & Boppa's.

Small and Medium Fries just finished up helping Gramma water her flowers outside.

Medium has kiped one of Boppa's t-shirts because we don't have a Daddy shirt for her to wear when she misses him.

Large is impatiently waiting for anyone to play a pickup game of Go Fish with her.

I'm still itching, because my hives are my closest friends, and I really hope the steroids I'm on kick in soon and beat 'em out of my system.  I'm telling you, the "we don't know what causes them, they usually go away on your own, but you'll suffer until they do" explanation is decidedly unhelpful.

Looks like it's time for Go Fish.

Further bulletins as events warrant!

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