Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Bleg.

I learned this morning that some friends of mine lost everything (or nearly so) in a house fire last night.  The family is fine--they weren't home when the fire happened--but they're obviously devastated.

One of the family cats was found and resuscitated last night, and is bunking it out at the local SPCA for now.  Three other cats are still MIA.  I'm sure the not knowing makes it worse.

I live too far away to do something practical like let them bunk at my place (which I totally would, if I were closer).

I live too far away to do something practical like organize a good, old-fashioned burn-out shower, and collect gently used items to help them rebuild.

I do not live too far away, though, to try to offer help somehow.

I do not have the world's greatest readership, but I reach some folks.

If you've got a few spare bucks, would you mind hitting Bill's KickStarter tipjar?  He's trying to fund a book publication project, but somehow, I think living is going to be a bigger priority.  And every little bit helps.

If you pledge at the $1 level, and then change your pledge at the end, whatever is above that pledge will almost all go directly to Bill and his family.


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