Thursday, June 7, 2012

How is it possible... be feeling such heartache and yet such overflowing love all at the same time?

Scene:  Kitchen

Hubby: Large, Medium, and Small Fries...come here, please.

[scrambling of tootsies]

Hubby: In a few minutes, your mother is going to call on the computer.

Large Fry: Our mother?

Hubby: Your mom, yes.

Small Fry: Mommy?

Hubby: No.  Mommy-XSIL.


(And about where my heart dropped into my shoes.)

Large Fry: Can I tell her I'm in second grade now?

Hubby: Yes, you can tell her.

Small Fry: Whewre's my Mommy?

Hubby: She's in the den.

Yep, in the den, melting into a big pile of gooeyness.

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