Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hubby and Large Fry: A Photo Essay

As I talked with my dad after he responded to my last post, I went back and looked at some of the pictures I had of Hubby and Large Fry together, even before the Fries came to live with us.  Even then, it was so obvious how much she loved and trusted him.

Take a look:

Sharing cake! (July 2007)

Snuggles (July 2007)

Silliness (July 2007)

Labor Day 2007

The other adults were playing cards. Large wanted to be with Uncle. (9/07)

Boppa's shoes on Uncle's feet.... (Sept. 2007)

"This Little Piggy" Duet (Nov. 2007)

This little piggy had roast beef.... (Nov. 2007)

Peekaboo. (Nov. 2007)

Giggles! (Nov. 2007)

Tug of war (Nov. 2007)

Story time. (Nov. 2007)

*honk* (Nov. 2007)

Bowling (Dec. 2007)

Playground fun (July 2008)

Helping build shelves (Oct. 2008)

Checkup.  (Oct. 2008)

Trimming the tree (Nov. 2008)

Meeting a bunny (with twin Fries). (May 2009)

Game time. (May 2009)

Snuggles.  (Sept. 2009)

Horsey ride. (Oct. 2009)

First day of preschool. (Nov. 2009)

Dominoes! (Summer 2010)

First day of kindergarten. (Aug. 2010)

Learning games. (Fall 2010)

Wrestling.  (Dec. 2010)

♫ The best things happen while you're dancing... ♪ (Winter 2011)

Kindergarten graduation (June 2011)

June 2011

Father's Day 2011

Summer 2011

First day of first grade! (Aug. 2011)

Silly snuggles!  (Dec. 2011)

Easter 2012

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