Friday, June 8, 2012

Not Quite Overheard

I was sitting outside, attempting to both work and enjoy the beautiful weather, when Hubby came out to fire up the grill for dinner.

He asked who I'd been talking to.

I explained that my dad had called, to say that their primary home phone number was once again live.

That's when Hubby told me about this.

Me [from outside]: Woo-hoo!  [I was the first call from their number via their new provider.  Take yer victories where you can.]

Large Fry [to Hubby]: Why did Mommy do that?

Hubby: Why does Mommy do anything?

Large Fry: She's really silly.

Me [still outside]: Woo hoo!  [Dad got an English-speaking customer service rep, as he was relating the adventures of setup with the new phone. And you just know how hard that is these days.]

Large Fry: Oh!  She just did it again!

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