Sunday, July 21, 2013

At the Fair

Sundays are normally pretty long days for us. My alarm goes off at 6:30, and the kids are up not long after that, since we all need to be at church just before 8a.

Today, we threw in the added factors of a late night last night due to Jester and Mitzy's wedding (yay!), an afternoon cookout with several families from our church, and the community vespers service at the local fair (which started yesterday).

My poor head was aching when we got home last night, still hurt this morning, and I was so exhausted that I had a very hard time staying awake during the first service at church. I went home right after, even the mile-long drive between church and home being a struggle to stay awake. I crashed hard, slept until I needed to pick up Hubby and the Fries, came home, and slept again until picnic time.

Now, I told you all that so you'd understand why I didn't go to the vespers service. (Plus, it was hot and humid and I was miserable by 5:30.)

Hubby took the kids with him to the vespers service at the fair.  Large had been feeling woozy when we got to our picnic, due to overcast skies and winding roads, but she was feeling better within half an hour. Since the vespers service was put together by several area pastors, it promised to be at least an hour long (PeeJay had encouraged a much shorter service during one of his years of involvement, to no avail). They didn't get home until 9:30, so I'm guessing the 7:30 service went really long.

Hubby came in to tell me how things went after he'd gotten the Fries in bed. Apparently, the last thing they did in the service was serve communion, using little pre-packaged single-serving cups, with the wafer sealed over the juice.

Large Fry took one, as Hubby asked if she remembered what the elements meant. It only took a quick reminder that the bread (she'd never seen a wafer before; our church uses actual bread) symbolized the body of Christ for her to remember.

Hubby said she felt sick to her stomach while the service wrapped up, but nothing happened.  They stopped at a trash can along the way back to the car, but again nothing. It wasn't until they were in the field where they'd parked that Large said urgently,  "Daddy, I really have throw up now!" She did just that, before Hubby could find a trash can. At least it was all grass around.

Then, Hubby said, Medium observed, "Maybe it was 'our daily bread.'"

Hubby muffled a chuckle. The Lord's Prayer had been said right before communion.

"Or," Medium continued thoughtfully, "maybe it was 'the blood of Christ.'"

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