Monday, July 29, 2013

Either Urine or Urout.

The last several days have seemed to revolve around pee.

First, there's the feline culprit, who is apparently unhappy or sick or something. I narrowed down the suspects to one Pa'ani, aka Weasel, especially after I caught him peeing in the laundry room when I was actually in there, doing laundry.

Then (to protect the guilty I am withholding names), last night, guilty child #1 showed me that her top sheet on her bed was wet.  Oh, and so was the fitted sheet, in the same general spot. Questioning revealed that she had been sitting on the end of the bed and simply not bothered to get up and go to the bathroom first thing Saturday morning. No "I couldn't make it" or "I couldn't get there fast enough."  Just didn't go. Well, she's short enough. Her feet won't reach the wet part. And it's bedtime.

And I'm still feeling icky.

I'll wash the sheets in the morning.

Not ten minutes ago, as I'm determining that Pa'ani, who has spent the last, oh, 15 hours locked in the downstairs bath, hoping that he'll pee and we can get a sample to the vet to rule out/in an infection (the vet could not get one on Friday when I took him in), and that he's still in there after Medium grabbed a stool to unlatch the exterior lock on the door, I'm informed that guilty child #2 has peed on the black stool in the Mickey Mouse bathroom.

Not only that, guilty child #2 is just standing there, shorts wet, mess on the floor, still playing in the sink.

Let me reiterate.

She is not more than ten feet from the toilet.  In the same room as the toilet.  Within sight!

"Why didn't you go to the potty?"

"I couldn't make it."

"Did you even try?"

"No." A small, sheepish voice.

So, to recap:

A cat who's peeing everywhere downstairs, but has held his bladder for 15 hours and won't pee in the quasi-litterbox we've left for him.

A child who decided peeing on the bed was better than walking down the hall.

Another child who decided she wasn't going to walk ten feet to a toilet that's in the same room as she is.

If somebody else pees on the floor, I'm going to have a cow.

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