Tuesday, July 30, 2013


HRH Koa the Graceless
I have mentioned before that Koa is our cat who skipped out on the line for feline grace in order to get more 'tude. She fell asleep tonight in the blanket bin, right in the corner (the full blanket bin). About an hour or so ago, she rolled over in her sleep...and rolled right out of the bin, knocking over a plastic tote cover, twitching crazily on her back for a good five seconds, before getting up and staggering out of the room in a lopsided gait. After Keiki's seizures last year, this concerned us, so we chased her upstairs to where she hid under our bed. We came to the determination that she was most probably not post-ictal (I was SO scared that she was having seizures too; she's only 12); she'd probably just conked her head when she hit the floor and knocked herself silly.

Still, when I heard her let out a weird yowl about half an hour ago, I was concerned enough to go look for her. She wasn't upstairs or on the kitchen level, so I went downstairs. I was about to head back up without seeing her when she emerged from the fireplace in the toy room. She gave the fireplace an irritated look.

I think she climbed back in there to nose around, and got herself momentarily stuck.

She might be queen of the house, but she's also the moments of surprising comic relief around here.

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