Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wedding Fever

Ever since Large Fry's birthday and Jester & Mitzy's wedding (conveniently on the same day), the Fries have been all agog about weddings.

Asking about our wedding.

Looking at the scrapbooks from our wedding.

Peppering us with questions about Jester and Mitzy's wedding.

Interrogating me about last Saturday's wedding at our church (the church was rented for the event; we didn't know the couple getting married), and why Daddy had to go clean up after it for Sunday morning.

Pulling out our wedding scrapbook (done by my mom) last night when Jester and Mitzy came over for dinner.

Tonight, Small Fry was drawing pictures after dinner.  She handed me the first one, and went to work on the second.  I looked at the first one, which she'd folded in half before giving it to me.  My name was in a heart on the outside.  On the inside was this:

Why, yes, I do have very long legs.
This, Small Fry explained, is me in my wedding dress.

Just before bedtime, Small handed me her second picture:

You'll never guess.

This one was addressed to Daddy, his name in a heart as well.

Naturally, this is Daddy on our wedding day.

Large Fry creeped in around Small's side.


I looked at her.

"When I get married, can I wear your wedding dress?"


I knew she'd mentioned it to Hubby.  He'd said something the other night.  He'd told Large Fry that he was sure I'd be okay with that.

Hearing her ask was different.

I smiled.  "Yes, honey.  If it fits you and it's still in good condition, you can wear my wedding dress when you get married."

All together now: Awwwwwwwwwwww.

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