Thursday, July 4, 2013

Foto Fourth: A photo essay

We went to Florida this year on our family vacation...

We stayed at the Bonnet Creek Resort in Orlando.

The sole reason we went into the Harley-Davidson store at Downtown Disney...

You wouldn't think they're having fun, would you?

The Fries & the Incredible Lego Hulk

Large Fry's Lego car won the race!

Maleficent, in fabulous Lego dragon form, battles an equally Lego Prince Philip.

Four princesses. In very bright sun.


I love Medium's face here.

Large is hat-tastic.

Punk Goofy.

Minnie-Princess Large Fry.

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!"

Medium strikes a pose.

So does Small, but she's not as sure about it.


The Fries wanted me to try this one on.

Cap'n Jack Medium.

That cowboy hat was seriously sparkly. Sequin overload.

NO. Not any time soon. NO!

The kids wanted us to pose as Mouse bride and groom.

Pooh and friends!

There are no words.

Giddyup!  Medium has a fancy black steed.

Small's horse was a beautiful white.

Mini splash park!

This dolphin was playing in the back pool while we waited for the show to start.
And kept playing throughout the show, for that matter.

That takes good balance.  And skill.


Six dolphins diving in tandem.

The mime at the Clyde and Seamore show.
Yes, he posed for me.

"Watch where we're going!"

This little guy was the first volunteer and got his pic snapped with Clyde and Rob'n Plunder.

Thievin' otter.

Large & Medium with the hero and heroine of the A'Lure show.

Small didn't want to go up alone, so my college friend Jo went with her.

Fries, a jellyfish, and something pink!

Jo and Large Fry (with twins behind them) on the Shamu kiddie coaster.

Small cried through this ride three years ago.  Look at her smile!

Shamu show!

Even the baby orca is jumping backwards!

One wet Medium, at Shamu's Happy Harbor splash park!

Small Fry got right up in there.

Large and Medium fire the water cannon.

I have to wonder: was Small getting a massage from the water jets she was blocking?

All of us, at the end of a long but happy day.

Jo and the Fries.

The view from our balcony at the Ocean Walk Resort in Daytona Beach.
Twin Fries, no extra charge.

Here come the waves!


I'm ready for you, wave!


It's T-storm season. I loved getting to watch the
thunderheads each day.


Watching the pelicans was another of my favorite pasttimes.

Shame that she hates the beach, isn't it? ;)

Conspiracy afoot...

Yep, Medium is no longer needing Daddy to jump the crests.

Large Fry is brave.

We watched this storm approach for an hour and a half.

Look out, water!  Small's ready for you!

These kids were having a sand castle contest.  Hubby wasn't even done with his yet.
He wasn't in their contest.  He still won.

♫ We dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig in our mine the whole day through... ♪

Finished castle.  Almost.

Now with spire!

Large coming down the slide!

Our last day in Daytona, and Small decided to try the water slide her sisters loved.

Guess what.  Small loved it too.  We couldn't keep her off it.

"Toss me, Daddy!"

I love Medium's face here.

"C'mon, Daddy, toss me, too!"


Mommy, I can swim!

Another run down the slide.

"Keessh me!"  "No!"

No kisses.  Sad Daddy.

C'mon, I want a kiss.

Medium splashed water into his face instead.

How to Splash 101

See?  This is how it works.

We had a marvelous time.

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