Friday, December 16, 2011

A First!

First post from the new house, y'all!  (Yes, those five weeks in Texas fifteen years ago really rubbed off on me.)

I'm sitting on the floor of my office, happily typing away.

Popoki is relatively contentedly exploring the house.

Koa is making occasional forays out of the basement.

Pa'ani is sitting in the litterbox with his nose in the corner, afraid to move and growling at any feline sibling who comes near.

Keiki is bunking in a carrier.

Minou has made it as far as the kitchen level before getting freaked and going back downstairs to hide in the utility room.

And poor Mika is cowering behind the gas logs in the fireplace.  He won't come out for nothin'.  Poor thing.

Now, let's see if my router will work!

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