Thursday, December 22, 2011

Two Days. Essentially.

To that end...
  • I have no idea if I'm actually done with my Christmas shopping.
  • I have not bought the gifts from Gramma B (which she sent me money for).
  • I have not bought the gifts from Auntie C (who also sent me money).
  • I have not wrapped a thing.
  • I have not found Large Fry's stocking.
  • I haven't even opened all the boxes with all the gifts that I ordered to see where I'm at.
  • I have not written the Christmas letter.
  • I haven't ordered prints to go in with the letter.
  • I do not know where the gift tags are.

  • I did not do any laundry today.  And I should have.
  • I did actually get the really huge living room shelves moved over to where I want them (thank you, Hubby), and the nativity scene I inherited from my grandmother (made by my mom) is now up.  Nothing else is on the shelves, but the nativity is up.
  • I got some things arranged properly in my office...but I still think I'm missing several boxes of books.  This is heart-wrenching.
  • I think I finally got things sort-of company-ish ready in the hall bath.  Which is good, since my parents are coming for Christmas.
  • I think my crock pot and most of my pots and pans are still over at the old house.  Must go fetch them....  Tomorrow.  Or Saturday.  One of the two.
  • This is a really boring post!

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  1. It sounds like you are moving! It happened to us to a lesser degree when we moved to our first home just before Thanskgiving and the entire Rochester Jackson clan came for Thanksgiving dinner in our new house.


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