Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wii, Wii, Wii, All the Way Home

As this year's big family gift, we got a Wii.

Two-fold purpose, really:  One, if we got it first, we could control it (whereas there could be issues if Bro or XSIL were the ones who purchased it for the kids).  Two, we were planning to do it anyway, and might as well do so sooner rather than later.

Gramma and Boppa have a Wii, and Large Fry has played several games on it.

Ripping off the paper to discover the Wii resulted in squeals of delight.

Much later, after a fantastic Christmas dinner and Hubby and Boppa had scooted out to a gas station convenience store to see if they could procure dishwasher detergent without having to drive the twelve miles back to the old house, Large Fry wanted to play.

"No, honey," I said.  "We can't."

"But I know how!" she persisted.

"We can't play the Wii.  It's not set up yet."

"I can set it up!"

I tried not to laugh.  "Honey, I can't set it up.  We have to wait until Daddy gets back.  Then he'll set it up, and then you can play."

"I can set it up!  I know how!"

And, if not for the fact that she's never handled cables and plugged stuff into the back of a tv and figured out how to make it all work, I'm pretty sure she could set it up herself, and that she does know how to get the games going.

Of course, Gramma and Boppa's Wii is already all set up when she wants to play.

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