Thursday, December 1, 2011

Marching Orders

Hubby is getting ready to leave for worship team practice, after a very rough day with all three Fries at home.

And, by "rough day," I mean that each one of them got major discipline before noon.  Even Large Fry, who's home sick today.

It was enough to have me tearing my hair out before 9 a.m.

Hubby ended up working from home today, because I was so fried from being still sick and having kids who refused to listen to me.

I took a long nap this afternoon.

As he's getting ready to leave, Hubby has a stern conversation with the Fries.

Hubby: I have to go to practice.  Are you going to be good?

The Fries all nod assent.

Hubby: Are you going to listen to Mommy?

Large nods.

Medium: Uh-huh.

Small: Yesh.

Hubby:  Are you going to obey?

Small: Yesh.

Medium: We will.

Large agrees.

Of course, Hubby's not gone fifteen minutes before Medium is in a snit, Small is crying because the claw-capped Keiki batted at her hand while she was coloring less than a foot from Ke's face, and Large is accusing both twins of writing in her little notepad.

I'm thinking I should go make dinner.  Yesh.


  1. Why do I have 4 children? Because I do not want 5!

  2. My sister tried to tell me yesterday she "completely understands" the difficulties in having multiple children. (She has two. Her oldest son is 3, and the youngest son is almost nine months old.) I had to bite my tongue.


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