Saturday, December 3, 2011

Guest Post by Medium Fry

Chelsea, The Little Cacoo

There was once a little Cacoo who lost her family. A Giant Pickle caught her! 
The Little Cacoo said, “Coo, coo, coo! I want my family!”
She wanted her Little Duckling but the Giant Pickle would not give it her!   The Giant Pickle turned into an OLD Giant.   And he fell asleep.
The Little Cacoo wanted her duckling but the Giant would not give it to her.  So while he was asleep she grabbed it and sang  “I want my Pigeon – my Pigeon family. Please come back, please come back, please come for your Little Cacoo with all her Loveness!”
While the Giant Pickle was sleeping the Little Cacoo escaped and ran away to her pigeon family!  She escaped with all her Loveness and Jesus in her heart!   She got away from the Giant Pickle!
She found her family with all her loveness – and she found the three girls inside the three doors!  And there were three special apples!
The Mommy and the Daddy Pigeon were so glad to have the Little Cacoo with all her loveness!  They all lived happily every after.  
The End
(As told to Gramma, and accompanied by music and singing by Medium!)

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