Sunday, December 11, 2011

Highlights from the Weekend

  • On Friday night, Small Fry came completely unglued over the thought of...wait for  She absolutely, unequivocally, did not want to go to college.  Despite my insistence that she didn't have to go to college for another thirteen years at least, she was not reassured and was completely inconsolable at the thought of having to go to college.  And she's five.
  • At the same time, Medium Fry was also in total-meltdown mode, because she was absolutely sure that she would not want Duckie when she's a grownup, and this made her very sad.  I told her that I still had my Pooh Bear that I was given the day I was born; it's okay to still have your favorite stuffed animal as an adult.  Nothing doing.  She was sure she wouldn't want him, would lose him, and was hating herself for her future lack of needing Duckie.  Also inconsolable.
  • At bedtime on Friday, Hubby and Big D were over at the new house, getting Large Fry's new bed set up.  Large Fry was very upset by the thought that she would no longer be sharing a room with her sisters, as she has been for the last couple of months as we've been preparing to move.  We had to call Hubby to have him appease everyone, and have him take a picture with his cell phone so that Large could see her new bed.
  • The Fries charmed everyone around on Saturday afternoon when we went to look at some furniture listed for sale on Craigslist.  And by "everyone," I mean two burly, hulking guys and a skinny, wiry dude, all of whom were completely wrapped around the girls' little fingers by the time we left.  Oh, and the old English Bulldog owned by one of the burly brutes, who just loved kids and wanted to get out and play with them.  (I was so proud that Small Fry even stepped into the room where the crated doggy was.  Such progress.)
  • Our friend Big D put up with an overabundance of effusive loving-on and playing-with by the Fries.  (He helped haul our furniture home.)  He played hide-and-seek.  He sat next to Medium, who begged to sit with him at the restaurant (the least we could do is feed the guy).  He endured a dozen arm-hugs from Medium.  He was generally a good sport.
  • I went up to bed last night, and saw a lump on Hubby's side of the bed when I went to turn on his bedside lamp.  I put out a hand to stroke whichever kitty I was about to offend by waking with light...and was surprised to feel fleece instead.  Large Fry was sleeping in our bed.  "Honey," I whispered, "what are you doing here?"  She groaned and stirred.  "Small Fry was going like this on me"--she proceeded to make sucking, snuffling noises--"and I couldn't sleep."  I thought I knew what was going on, but wanting clarity... "She got out of bed and did that to you?"  "No.  She was in her bed."  Ooookay.  What had really happened made Friday's protest of having her own room again absolutely hilarious.  "Sweetie, I think she just fell asleep and was sucking her thumb real loud.  Can you go back to your bed now?"  "Can I just have another minute?"  Geez, how could I say no?  "Sure you can."  By the time I changed into jammies and got through my nightly routine, it had been way more than "another minute," and I got her awake enough to walk down the hall.  At least, I think she was awake.  She sure walked like she was sleep-walking.  
  • Medium Fry was very excited to learn that today was her buddy GB's birthday.  (We kid GB and his girlfriend, MK, that Medium is really his girlfriend, and MK is having to compete.)  However, after nap time this afternoon, when certain things did not go Medium's way and she wound up in a corner after throwing a tantrum, she brokenly sobbed that she didn't get to celebrate GB's birthday, and she was so very sad about that.
  • As we were getting jammies on tonight, Medium was singing.  I quickly recognized the tune as the praise song "Hosanna," which we'd sung in second service at church this morning.  Except...Medium had put her own twist on it.  ♫ Hoseeeeaaaa, Hoseeeea.... ♪
  • I had gone down the hall to my bedroom after shooing the kids upstairs at bedtime, and I forget why.  I'd turned on the music in their room, and Medium had prayed their goodnight prayer without any prompting from me or help from her sisters.  I went down to my room, and as I came back down the hall, Medium was saying, "All monsters, giants, and unfwiendly fings, get out!  Fwiendly fings go to Gwramma and Boppa's!"  "Hey," I said.  "If you can pray and kick out the monsters by yourself, what do you need me for?"  "Hugs!" Medium said.  "Kisses!  An' da bushel-an'-a-peck song!" said Small Fry.  "Hugs and kisses," Large Fry agreed.  Okay, so it's nice to be needed for those things.

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