Friday, January 6, 2012

Bedtime Conversation

With Large Fry's new loft bed, I have to climb up a couple rungs on the ladder to give her a hug and tuck her in at night.  This has become a very sweet ritual, because I get to stand there and talk to her for a few minutes at the end of the day.  Sometimes she tells me a little about her day, and sometimes she asks me questions, and sometimes she just wants reassurance.

Tonight's conversation was a little different.

Large Fry: Mommy?

Me: Yes?

Large: When I get married, you'll be a Gramma?

Me [smiling]: Yes....

Large [stroking my cheek with her fingers]: And Daddy will be a Boppa?

Me [smiling still]: Yes, if you have kids after you get married.

Large: But I'll miss you.

Me: Well, I still miss Gramma and Boppa, but I still get to see them sometimes.

Large looks at me thoughtfully, and continues stroking my face.

Me: Do you think I'll be a good Gramma?

Her eyes light up like little glowing chocolates.  That alone would have been answer enough, but she smiles and nods, too.

Me: Do you think Daddy will be a good Boppa?

Large is still all eyes alight as she nods again.

Then she looks worried.

Large: But I'll miss you.  I don't want to go away.

Me [soothingly]: And you don't have to.  Not for a very long time.

I gave her another hug and kiss.

Me: Goodnight, sweetie.  I love you.

Large [sleepily]: I love you too.

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  1. Very touching. That's a memory you'll always keep.


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