Sunday, January 8, 2012

There he was...

Hubby was just minding his own business this morning.

He went to the local grocery store, where the church has an account, to pick up his standard two dozen donuts for his Sunday School class (he teaches the teen class), like he does just about every Sunday.

He went through the line and paid.  No problem.

It wasn't until he was walking out that it dawned on him that his two dozen donuts had cost less this morning than they usually do.


So my 40-year-old husband fished out his receipt to see what the difference was.

The 20-ish cashier had given him the senior-citizen discount!

He inherited his family's get-yer-gray-early genes, but he promptly decided it's definitely time for some Just For Men for his beard (which has gotten a lot more gray and white in it now than he had four years ago).

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