Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It would seem...

...that Facebook has a nasty case of the cranks.

I decided to catch up on uploading pictures tonight, since I still haven't posted Christmas pictures and I have a slew from sledding the other day.

Mind you, I'm not posting ALL of the pictures I took.

I'm posting the good ones.

Happy kids opening presents.

A scary, first-thing-in-the-morning shot of me, which my mom took as I opened her & Dad's big gift to Hubby and me.

Kids with fixed expressions of outright glee as they're sledding.

Exceedingly harmful stuff, to be sure.

Who knows how many policies I'm violating by showing my children are happy.

As I'm working through the first album of pics from this year, and typing in captions, I get this notification:
Your account has been temporarily blocked from using this feature.

What, uploading pictures?

I know I have a per-album limit, but I've never been told I have a limit to the number of albums (in fact, they say there's no such thing) I can update and/or start in one day, or the number of pictures I can upload in one day.

Apparently, I have uploaded too many, and this could be abusive or bullying to other Facebook members.

So my ability to post those pictures has been blocked for "several days," attempts to use the feature while I'm banned will result in a longer block, all because pictures of smiling, happy children, playing with their friends, are somehow abusive or offensive.

Give me a break.

Facebook, get your Hanes outta that half-hitch and worry about bigger problems than me posting a lot of pictures.


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