Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Who's dat wif da micwrophone?"

Hubby decided, after watching Kronk's New Groove, we needed to watch something with a little more culture.




So he popped in his DVD of the Gaither Homecoming in Jerusalem.

Now, it's worth pointing out here that Hubby sang for over a year as a tenor for a Southern Gospel quartet, and we still have several of his group's CDs.  The man can sing.


The Gaither Vocal Band is singing, and at the time, the lineup was Bill Gaither (bass), Marshall Hall (baritone), Guy Penrod (lead), and David Phelps (tenor).  They're performing oldie-but-goodie "Can't Stop Talkin' About Him," which I remember them singing waaaay on back when Larnelle Harris was with the group.

Medium tapped me.  "Mommy, who is dat?"


"Da one singing wif da micwrophone."

I waited, and pointed to the young blond man on the screen.  "That's Marshall Hall."  I waited until the camera focused on another member of GVB.  "The one with the long hair--that's Guy Penrod."  (Hubby should be proud that I didn't try to indoctrinate Medium on how much we should loooove Guy and his amazing voice.)  The camera moved again.  "The one with the curly hair is David Phelps."  Man, he's got pipes.  "And the older man on the end?  That's Bill Gaither."

Medium nodded.  "I want to meet him!"


"Da one wif da cuwrly haiwr."

From the other end of the couch, Hubby didn't miss a beat.  "Me, too."

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