Monday, January 30, 2012

Events of the Day

It's barely 5 in the evening, and I have to wonder how on earth I managed to get through this day alive.

  • Medium Fry woke up, insisting that her tummy hurt.  Which we took to mean it was empty, because she was hungry.
  • Large Fry was astonishingly ready early for school today (there's something that won't happen again for another two months at least).
  • Small Fry had a follow-up doctor's appointment, due to the fluid in her ears from an ear infection at her well-child checkup back at the end of November (less than five days after being in urgent care for a nasty bilateral ear infection)...and then still having fluid in her ears last month.  Guess what.  She still has fluid behind her eardrums.  Another round of antibiotics!  Oh, and a referral to an ENT.
  • I can make Microsoft Word turn into its own pretzel, but force me to deal with Publisher, and I want to cry.  But I have to submit an invoice for the contracted work I did over the weekend, so I'm trying to figure it out.  While catching up on my regular job.  While trying to get Medium Fry to eat some Cheerios.
  • My boss emailed me about a change we need to make in payroll and billing, and I have no idea how to pull it off, since I was stripped of all magical powers and my wand when I flunked out of Fairy Godmother school.
  • Medium insisted, after Hubby and Small got home, that her tummy still hurt, that she felt sick.  She still had no fever.  So Small stayed home with me, and Medium went with Hubby to H-burg so he could hit up a specialty clothes shop that we just don't have here in our small burg.  And she got sick on the way out there.
  • I discussed with my other sort-of boss about the work done over the weekend and how to handle my invoice.
  • Discovered that mixed-up, mooshed-up Play-Doh had magically gravitated to three other floors in the house.
  • I realized lunch was now very late for Small Fry.
  • After lunch, sent Small Fry upstairs to go potty in prep for naptime.
  • Went upstairs ten minutes later to find out where Small Fry was, and found that she had gone into our bathroom, stood on the toilet, got out the baby powder, and had liberally anointed the bathroom...and had not bothered to go potty.
  • Tucked Small Fry in for nap, and tried to concentrate on my job that pays me in cold, hard cash.  Fail.
  • Got even later lunch for myself.
  • Picked up Large Fry from school.  Report cards today.  Yay.
  • Small Fry woke shortly after Hubby and Medium returned (Medium got sick on the way home), and I'm now trying to work, supervise Small Fry (who has done nothing but get into trouble all day, it seems), supervise Large Fry, work, and try to figure out how I'm going to divide my attention to now supervise Large's homework, which is math, which is difficult for Small Fry and taxing for my extremely short supplies of patience.
  • Oh, good.  Relief.  Hubby comes downstairs (Medium sick yet again), and takes over supervising Large's homework.
  • Discovered by overhearing Hubby's outrage that Small has cut up lots of paper, left out all kinds of Play-Doh, and gotten into the Apples to Apples game and strewn the cards all about the basement toy room.
  • Okay, I should not be relieved by this, but Hubby was just literally banging his head against the wall in the dining room over helping Large Fry with her homework, because she's refusing to focus and concentrate on stuff that we know she knows.  I'm just glad I'm not the only one who gets frustrated.
  • I now have a headache, still don't have an answer to my billing mystery, and our dinner plans have been hosed.  Yay.
Actually, if life was anything like this for my mother, it's a miracle I made it to adulthood.

And she's going to laugh herself silly over that one.


  1. Boy, you had a day and a half, didn't you?

    1. Every once in a while, several days attack at once. Always when it's the worst possible time.


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