Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Daddy-Daughter Date Night!

Hubby decided that he would try to make PeeJay's youngest son's basketball game this afternoon, and he elected to take Small Fry with him, and start a Daddy-Daughter date tradition, beyond just taking one of the Fries to the store with him.

Medium Fry was very upset by this, and very nearly turned green over the whole situation.  (A Skype call to Gramma and Boppa distracted the green-eyed monster long enough that Medium was able to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.)

I was serving dinner for Medium, Large and myself when Hubby and Small Fry returned.  He explained that they already ate.

"I had to take her out to dinner," he said.  "After the game was over, I asked her if she liked our date, and she said no."  He gave me a rueful grin.  "I guess it's not a date if there's no dinner."

On their way home, he said, Small Fry had apparently seen a doggy in a car.

Now it's just something to comment on, whereas three and a half years ago, that would have freaked her out.

"Daddy," she said excitedly, "I saw a doggy in the window!"

"I wonder how much it costs," Hubby remarked.

Without missing a beat, Small Fry replied, "The one wif the waggly tail?"

And then she gave Hubby a perfectly impish grin.

She was still singing when they got home.

♫ How much is that doggy in the window, the one with the waggly tail.... ♪

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