Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thank you, Dr. P!

When our doorbelll rang a little after 11 this morning, I wasn't all that surprised to see PeeJay's two sons (15 and almost 13) at our front door.  They do, after all, live just one street over.

It was a little surprising and definitely amusing that they had come to see if my kids could come play.

Turns out, there's a great sledding hill behind Large Fry's school, right across the street.  Perfect for our pint-sized, novice sledders.

We discovered that we don't have any snow pants in Large Fry's size (oops), so we rigged up a smaller pair for the shorter Medium Fry, and I made a mental note to make sure I hunt down snow pants for Large Fry this afternoon.

Then we all trundled across the street, in search of our hill to be conquered.

And by all, I mean the boys, the Fries, Hubby and myself.

We were out there for close to two hours, and had a marvelous time.

I brought along my camera, having been duly exhorted by Boppa that pictures were required of today's outing.  (Did he really think I wouldn't bring my camera?)  I snapped a handful from the top of the hill before relocating to the bottom, where I could catch smiling faces.

After about 20 minutes, Hubby walked over to me, holding out his hand.  "Go sledding with your kids," he said.  "That way they remember you doing it with them, too."

I trekked back up the hill, and Small Fry immediately volunteered to go down with me.  We shrieked with glee the whole way down.

And then I hollered at Hubby to come help me get up.

And I went back up the hill.

Seeing as none of my kids wanted to go sledding again with me (they were having too much fun by themselves), I grabbed one of the other sleds and went down by myself.  This one was a snow-skimmer sled, and it does just what its name suggests.

I had way too much fun.

No, wait, that's just not possible.

I also nearly wiped out Hubby on my third run down the hill on the snow-skimmer sled, but then, that's his own fault.  He wouldn't get out of my way.

I think I went down half a dozen more times before I decided my ankle had probably had enough of a workout.

It was wonderful.

And I would not have been able to go sledding like that if it wasn't for Dr. P. and having the screws in my ankle removed this past summer.

You know, I should probably see if I can find snow pants for me, too....

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