Saturday, November 26, 2011

Contemplations in Color

While we haven't yet closed on our house, we do have a key and have access to it so that we can start moving boxes over.  We won't officially take residence until after we close, but we can at least start clearing out the clutter of packed boxes from the house we're still renting.

The sellers are apparently quite fond of deep, rich reds (some of which border on maroon) and lighter greens.  Those colors are everywhere in this house.

Some of them, like the yellow walls and light green cupboards in the kitchen, I can live with for awhile.  Like, say, until my sister and brother-in-law come back to the States after the new year, and BIL needs work to do while they're here (anywhere from six weeks to three months).  He can come in and help us repaint the kitchen.

The girls' rooms are already perfectly painted for them.  Large Fry's room has two pale yellow walls, and the other two walls are painted like a blue sky with wispy white clouds and grass down near the floor.  That's perfect for her princess room.  The twins' room is done in shades of light pink and pale purple, with bees and flowers painted on the closet door.  Also perfect for the cheery pink Winnie-the-Pooh decor I have for their room.

Our's a weird shade of slate green.  I think.  Weird. be perfectly honest...a weird ugly shade of green.  With a slightly lighter accent shade on the trim.


So now I have to decide...what sort of color do I want for my bedroom?

I'm thinking a nice cream color.  But that leaves me with a dilemma.  What kind of accent color to use for the trim?  I have no idea if we'll keep the same kind of color scheme that we have now, or if we'll change it, and...well...I just don't know!

Decisions, decisions....

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