Tuesday, November 1, 2011


For the last three and a half years, that's what we've said.  Gently!  Treat the kitties gently!

In response to that...

  • Medium Fry, at 18 months, tossed Airman's ten-week-old kitten down the stairs.  (The kitten was fine.  Kittens that age are almost made of rubber.)
  • Medium Fry sat on Popoki, when she was just barely three.
  • Each of them has deliberately tried to touch Keiki at the base of her spine, by her tail.  (Which Keiki hates.)
  • Po has been dressed up repeatedly.
  • Large and Medium have both gotten in Koa's face and blabbered, which resulted in Koa showing her displeasure for them invading her personal space.
Mind you, our kitties are not spring chickens.  Pa'ani is the youngest, and even he's a "senior" now, at age 7.  Popoki, the oldest, is almost 14 and diabetic.  Keiki is 13, Mika is 12, and Koa & Minou are both 10.  


Not young.

When Po hits 14, she'll be almost as old as my mother-in-law.

The Fries are all home sick from school today with nasty coughs, but they're starting to feel better, and Small Fry is now very insistent that she's nawt sick!

Trying to keep them on the couch and out of trouble has been almost impossible.

While I was threatening Large Fry with dire consequences if she doesn't eat her half-sandwich, Small Fry escaped to the kitchen.

A few minutes later, I hear this:

"I want Popo!  I want Popo!"

I turned around in my chair and gasped.

Small Fry was pulling poor Popoki towards her...by the tail.

It's to Po's credit that she didn't retaliate.

"Don't do that!" I shrieked.  Small Fry let go.  "Don't ever do that!"  I pointed to the loveseat, where Small Fry has ostensibly been taking it easy today.

My poor cat.


  1. WOW - Small Fry is VERY lucky that Po does not have aggressive tendencies because I'm sure that hurt!

  2. Yeah, if she'd tried that with Keiki, there would have been blood.


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