Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Conversations of the Evening

We're sitting in the van, eating Sonic for dinner, after picking up the kids' prescriptions (Large Fry: sinus infection; Medium Fry: ear infection; Small Fry: bronchitis).

Hubby: Small Fry, how many chickens did you eat?

Small Fry:  Two!

Hubby [suspiciously]: You ate two chickens?

Small Fry:  No.

Hubby: How many did you eat?

Small:  None.

Hubby [knowingly]: How many tater tots did you eat?

Small: Lots!


Small:  I love you, Daddy!

Hubby: I love you, too.

Small: I love you, Mamma!

Me: I love you, too.

Small: And you'll nevewr stop loving me?

Me: Never, ever stop.

Small: Daddy, you'll never stop?

Hubby:  ♫ Never gonna give you up.... ♪

Me: ♪♫ Never gonna let you down ♫

Hubby: ♪♪ Never gonna run around and desert you ♫

Me: ♫♪ Never gonna say goodbye  ♪

Hubby: ♫ Never gonna make you cry ♫

Me: ♪ Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you  ♫♪


Me: We just Rick-rolled our kids.

Hubby:  Probably won't be the last time.


Me [checking email on my phone]: Clearly, my mother has not checked Facebook.

Hubby: She ask about the kids' coughs?

Me: Yeah.

Hubby:  Just give her the link.  She should have to find out on Facebook, just like everybody else!

Me [laughing uproariously]: I should do that!

So I did....  *giggle*

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