Monday, November 21, 2011

"Mommy! Lawrge Fwy has blood!"

This is not what you want to hear your almost-five-year-old shout from the toy room.  And it immediately grabs my attention.

"What do you mean, she has blood? Where?"  As Large Fry comes into the living room, I see she's holding a tissue near her face that's got several bright red spots.

"Probably her mouth," Hubby opines.  "I just told her to take that thing out of her mouth."

"What thing?"  I snagged the hand holding the tissue and pulled it down, which had the miraculous effect of opening her mouth...which was, indeed, the location of the blood.

"That bracelet."

Ah.  The rubber bracelet she'd gotten at school today for being a "pillar of character."  (Took some deciphering on my part to realize that's what she was saying when I first saw the bracelet about five minutes before.)

"She had it in her mouth, and I told her to get it out, and she just yanked it like this."  Hubby demonstrated.

I peer into Large's mouth, and sure enough...her yanking the bracelet out has yanked out an only slightly-wiggly tooth, right next to the one that came out a week ago.

"Was it even loose?" Hubby asked Large, as I'm trying to use the tissue (now pretty damp) to apply pressure and stop the bleeding.

Large nodded as best she could. we have another tooth gone--"I have nightmares about that," Hubby said--and we don't know where it is.

And we don't have any dollar coins, either.

But then, the Tooth Fairy doesn't come if you don't actually have the tooth, right?


  1. Sadly yes, the tooth fairy does come even if there is no tooth. I know this for because I have had many lost teeth over the years with four children.

  2. We use the golden dollars too! We're about to exchange them out from the 13 year old so that we have a stash of them when Boo starts losing teeth.

  3. We were caught by surprise with the first loose tooth. I hadn't heard any excited squealing that another was loose, so I was thinking we'd have a little bit longer (and time for me to get better) before we had to deal with a second one. It may be quarters again if the grocery store can't help us out.

  4. We got ours at the post office. They seem to be the only place that consistently has them.

  5. Good to know. Thanks for the tip!


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