Saturday, November 5, 2011

Imagination is a Wonderful Thing

This morning, Medium Fry wandered into the living room from the toy room, holding Hubby's old Fedora.

It's a bit battered.

It's been plunked onto so many heads (Fries, large bears, cats) that it doesn't always keep the standard crease in the top.

"Uncle, I can't make it go in!" Medium complained.

Hubby held out his hand, and Medium slapped the hat into his palm.

Hubby fiddled with it for a minute, forcing the crease back in and smoothing it out.  Then he handed it back to Medium Fry.

"Tankoo!" she said happily, plopping the hat back on her head and skipping back to the toy room.  "I'm Pewrry the Platypus!"

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