Monday, November 28, 2011

Saturday Morning

My dad related this conversation from Saturday morning...

Small Fry: What awre you doing?

Boppa: Getting ready to shave.

Small: Does dat huwrt?

Boppa: No, this is just shaving cream.

Small: Shaving cweem?

Boppa: Yep. See?  Look it’s green, but it turns white.  Isn’t that interesting?

Small: Yes. Dat’s inteh…westing.

Boppa: But it doesn’t hurt.  Sometimes I hurt myself with this (producing razor) if I’m not careful.  See the little blades?

Small: Sometimes I get huhwrt when I touch it.  I get a band-aid.

Boppa: Oh. Did you touch Uncle D’s?

Small: Yes.

Boppa: But I bet you were told not to.

Small: I haf to take my baby to da doctewr’s. [EXIT.]

I told Dad that I found his description of her sudden subject change and immediate exit hilarious, and he said that it happened exactly like that.  Small is the queen of verbal misdirection attempts when she thinks she'll get in trouble, so it didn't surprise me.

And, yes, she's been told not to touch razors.

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