Friday, November 25, 2011

Oh, Of Course.

It wouldn't be a holiday without a suddenly sick kid, right?

It could have been one of my cousin's kids, but this time around, we won the sick-kid lottery.

Small Fry woke a little after midnight last night, complaining that her left ear hurt.  Hubby got her back to sleep, but about twenty minutes later, she was awake again with ear pain.  I sent Hubby upstairs to see if Mom had any  children's acetaminophen or ibuprofen.  He couldn't find any, but Small didn't seem feverish, and by then, she had almost gotten back to sleep on my lap.  Hubby took her into the sofa bed with him while I settled into the recliner (I still have a nasty cough from my recent pneumonia, and so I couldn't sleep laying down on the sofa bed).

All that changed at 6 this morning, when Small woke up crying that she was going to throw up and I discovered she was burning up.  I ran upstairs for Mom's thermometer, and found that Small's fever was nearly 101.  Hubby had awakened me to help with Small's nausea and went back to sleep; I woke him then with the news of Small's fever and he went upstairs to again see if he could find something.  He apparently woke Mom, who found the children's fever reducer.

It was obvious that Small and I would not be going out to breakfast with the rest of the fam.

My poor baby.

I know she doesn't feel well.

I'm guessing we'll get to go to Urgent Care this afternoon.

Small is curled up on Boppa's recliner, with Boppa's fleecy leaf blanket, her piggy Pillow Pet, and a stainless steel just-in-case bowl.

I managed to get her to take some more medicine about an hour ago.  But she doesn't really want to do much of anything other than lay on the recliner and watch Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

Yep, lucked out on that one.


  1. Poor thing! I hope she feels better.

  2. Thanks. Me, too. Ended up taking her to the urgent care out here near my folks', and turns out she's got a bilateral ear infection. No wonder she feels lousy. Ginger ale, antibiotic, Boppa's blanket, Cheerios, and the new Winnie-the-Pooh movie. She's perking back up. (She slept through most of our time at the urgent care.)


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