Thursday, November 17, 2011

Good Grief

Me: Who put water in the sugar bowl?

Small Fry: Not me.

Medium Fry:  I didn't do it.

Me: Large Fry, did you put water in the sugar bowl?

Small Fry: I didn't do it!

Large Fry:  Um, no....

Me (fixing gimlet eye on most likely suspect): Did you put water in the sugar bowl, Small?

Small: No!

Having decided I'm not going to get a straight answer, I dump the water-logged lump of sugar in the sink, along with the spoon from the sugar bowl.  Then I open up the pizza box to start dishing out dinner.

Small Fry: I just spit in it.

Me: You WHAT?

Small: I spit in it.

Me: Don't do that again!



  1. "I didn't hit him first, I hit him back!"

  2. I'll hold em down you give them tickle torture, we'll get the truth out of them!

  3. Wow, deja vu! I swear I've had this conversation at least once before with my kids.


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