Wednesday, March 14, 2012

12:45 a.m.

Medium Fry [rubbing eyes]: Mommy?  I hadda bad dweem.

Me: You did?

Medium: Can I tewll you about it?

Ooookay.  This is new.

Me [patting mattress]: Why don't you just climb on up here.

Medium [clambering]: I hadda dweem dat we wewren't a family anymowre.

Me [swallowing huge lump in my throat]: We will always be a family.

Medium snuggled into the covers, and then leaned over on me.

Medium [sleepily]: I fot we wewre gonna be sepawated.

Me: No.  We won't ever be separated.  We'll always be a family.  Always.

And I held her tight, kissed her hair, and tried not to cry.

Because we'll always be a family.

I don't want those doubts to even invade her dreams.

It makes my heart break that it happens.

And it made me doubly glad for the intake we had scheduled at the counselor's today.

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