Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Can we call Daddy?"

It's Thursday night.  Hubby has to work late, running worship team practice for Sunday's second service worship set.

The twins are missing him now, during tuck-in time.

My cell phone battery indicator has gone from green to a smidge of yellow, but I place the call anyway.  Voicemail.

I call again, and this time, I let the twins leave him a message.  Medium Fry goes first, telling him she loves him and misses him and wants him to come home soon.  And that she wants him to come up and give her and Small Fry and Large Fry hugs when he gets home.

I stepped closer to Small's bed and asked her what she wanted to say.

"I love you!" she chirped.  "An' I want you to give me an' Medium an' Lawrge an' Mommy hugs.  An' you should come home."  She gave me a goobery grin as she talked.  "Amen."

Wrong Father, kiddo, but it's uber-cute.

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