Friday, March 23, 2012

Monster Spray, Repurposed

I made it a point to talk with Large Fry's counselor at her Wednesday appointment.

I have absolutely zero shame in admitting that we needed advice for our burgeoning bee problem.

They aren't there.  Large's mind is playing huge tricks on her.  She's hallucinating, really.  Her brain is so hopped up on the idea that she is convinced she's seeing things that aren't there.

Plus, I wanted her counselor aware of the immense phobia we're now dealing with.

Her counselor advised the same thing that I posted here not long ago: Monster Spray.  An ordinary spray bottle, filled with water, and given an important label.

"But it has to smell," she said.  "It doesn't work otherwise.  Use old perfume you don't like.  Or anything to give it a scent.  Then she can spray her room, her clothes, anywhere she needs to in order to keep the 'bees' away."

We had an extra spray bottle kicking around, and Hubby filled it with water today and put in mint extract to make it smell.

I printed off a label this afternoon.

Large is over-the-moon ecstatic, and disappointed that I didn't put her first initial anywhere on the label.

Hopefully, this will help...we've had several nights since last Saturday in which we've had to get her physically past where she thinks her new biggest fear is located, nights where she's flat-out refused to go upstairs, has kicked and screamed cried and flailed.  (I've got bruises.)

Fingers crossed and all that.


  1. That is an excellent idea! I'll have to add that one to my toolbelt.

    1. You can use pretty much anything that won't spoil to sweeten your spray bottle. The idea is that the [insert phobia-inducing things] don't like the smell, so they stay away.

      We've established a three-spray limit, just so she doesn't run through the whole bottle in one night.

  2. Can I use a bottle of that for my next meeting at headquarters?

    What a great idea!


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