Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's like this...

My dad had rotator cuff surgery on Tuesday.  So, he's kind of getting a taste of what my recliner-confinement was like, post-wreck and -surgery and stuff, since he's spending a lot of time just sitting in the recliner.

At least he can walk.

But I digress.

This afternoon, I got a series of text messages from him, detailing what had just happened.

Apparently, my sister was on the phone.  My mom was tethered to her nebulizer.  My brother-in-law was at work.

And four-year-old Roo (previously mentioned here as simply R) was on the potty.

Roo had concluded his business.

Sis was still on the phone, unable to come help.

Dad, being only two days post-op, can't exactly help Roo.

Who is still sitting on the potty.

And saying, "Dooooone!  Dooooone! DOOOONE!!"

There is increasing insistence and volume.

And an echo from his one-year-old brother, out in the hall: "Daaaaahn!"

Dad sat in his recliner, laughing 'til it hurt.

Many miles away, I had the same reaction.

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